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People are saying wonderful things about Bookerella’s book-apps for kids; people like bloggers, reviewers, educators, reading specialists, moms, editors and other experts in children’s books. Here’s a selection (updated regularly):

Kirkus Reviews (Read the entire review.)

Bats! awarded a Kirkus Star! A winner: beautifully illustrated, nicely designed and solidly informative.


A "New and Noteworthy" selection!

Memphis Zoo

Selected for exhibit "Amazingly, kids were staying on these iPads for 10 minutes and longer. I think it will revolutionize how zoos share educational content with our visitors."
—Andrew Kouba, Director of Conservation & Research

The Next Web, international tech blog with some 170,000 readers (Read the entire review.)

"This is the way children's books should look on the iPad. ...Bats! reminds us that these furry mammals have much more in common with humans than we may think. Very well designed....It’s not just about reading; kids can also learn while playing with the app, and each chapter is very different so that they don’t get bored...

"It goes well beyond 3D; the app also uses other iPad features, such as the accelerometer, the microphone and the touch screen. All of them are cleverly integrated into the app’s progression, culminating at the end of the book, when kids (and adults) can fly their own bat by moving the iPad. Readers can also ‘screech like a bat’ to understand how they use echolocation.

"My main regret? It’s that Bats! doesn’t last longer —but for $4.99, it’s definitely worth the expense...."

CNET (Read the entire review.)

"Bats! like a furry museum field trip ... it's expertly researched and detailed thanks to Mary Kay Carson, a nonfiction author of children's science books. The six distinct chapters feel as interactive and graphically attractive as those touch-screen kiosks installed at museums. A few challenges and hidden items sprinkled throughout give the app some replay value."

School Library Journal (Read the entire review.)

Science teachers and bat lovers rejoice! Science teachers and bat lovers rejoice! In seven brief chapters this nonfiction title takes readers and listeners on a vivid nighttime trek through an Asian jungle, a northern farm, and a southwestern desert to view a variety of these nocturnal flying mammals....This engaging app is great for classroom use and will be visited many times over.

NC Teacher Stuff, listed in "Top 50 Elementary Teacher Blogs" (Read the entire review.)

"Bats! Furry Fliers of the Night is a 3-D book app that is unlike anything I have seen before for a nonfiction book. The first page takes you into the dark forest and you hear the rapid flapping of bat wings... When you have this level of visual effects, students will want to read it over and over again which promotes fluency."

Newstalk 1010, Kris Abel (Read the entire review.)

“ This inventive children’s app is part storybook, part theme park ride, using robust animations and 3D video-game like environments to let kids explore the different species of bats and the caves they hide in.”


Honored among "This Week's Best Apps"!

Deborah November, children's publishing consultant, former editorial director of Seasame Street Workshop

Bats! is extremely effective because it focuses kids on reading while using the immersive technology of interactive 3D. Bats! is a perfect example of e-books and apps that encourage and enhance reading for children.”

Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld, award-winning author of more than 60 nonfiction books for children

"Richly colorful photos and illustrations, accurate easy-to-understand diagrams, and a clear engaging text by a beloved childrens’ books author make Bats! Furry Fliers of the Night a perfect nonfiction book for young readers. But wait! Bookerella has designed this fascinating new book in an original, three-dimensional, interactive format for the iPad, letting kids explore and find out what it feels like to be a bat in its own world. What could be more exciting! The future of nonfiction picture books has arrived!"

Michael Milone, Ph.D., research psychologist, reading specialist, education writer

"When I first sat down with my iPad to read Bats! Furry Fliers of the Night, two things struck me. The first was that it somehow felt like a book. The art, the color palette, and the layout were very comfortable. The second was that I wished that one of my nieces or nephews could read it with me. I think they would love it.

"Bats! has all the features you would expect in a well-designed book app. The art is rich, the information provided about bats is appealing, and the navigation strategies are consistent and understandable. I realize that this last point might sound a little esoteric, but with all the features that can be incorporated into a book app, being able to interact in an intuitive way is welcome.

"Although Bats! is nonfiction, it moves the reader through the text in a way that is similar to a narrative text. Subtle elements like the discussion of echolocation and the “bat wheel” that tells about different kinds of bats are extremely well done. They add to the reader’s understanding of bats and the enjoyment of the book. For many young readers, the highlight of Bats! will come at the very end, when they get to use the gyroscope feature of the iPad to steer a bat as it flies over the landscape."